How to Complete a Profile as a Member


After the signup process, members are redirected to complete their profile by filling out the following sections:

Contact Details Form:

  1. Type of Listing: Select Individual or Company / Organization.
  2. Best Describes you: Choose the Top Level Category.
  3. Enter First name (applies for individual type of listing).
  4. Enter Last name (applies for individual type of listing).
  5. Email address: This field will automatically be filled out with the email entered upon registration.
  6. Phone Number: Enter phone number.
  7. Enter Company Name (applies for company/organization type of listing).
  8. Your Position: Add a position when choosing individual type of listing.
  9. Short Description: Enter a short description that will display under the name on search results pages.
  10. Where are you located? field: Enter the location in the blank space in order for Google Maps to geocode the member's location and fill out the remaining location fields. This will ensure members will show up in location search result pages. Check the following article for more details: How to Enable Maps with Google Maps API

Many of these fields will show on their public profile or not depending on the settings found in:

Membership Plan >> Profile Page tab >> Select Member Information to Display on Profiles.

More information: Finance ยป Membership Plans - Profile Page  Select Member Information to Display on Profiles

Profile / Logo Image:

Upload a profile photo for individuals or a Profile logo for companies:

The admin has the option to enable a Profile or Logo under Finance >> Membership Plans >> Member Dashboard tab >> Profile Photo Uploads.

If the Profile Cover Photo add-on is enabled the option to activate it will show as well:

Additional Details Form:


  1. Select Categories you Specialize: In this section, the member will select sub and sub-sub categories. For this option to become visible the admin needs to enable it under Finance >> Membership Plans >> Post Publishing Tab >> Member Specialties:

    Additionally, the admin can set the maximum number of sub and sub sub level categories a member can choose by navigating to Finance >> Membership Plans >> Search Visibility Tab:

  2. Upload CV or Brochure: For more details about this functionality, please refer to this article How to Use and or Modify the Member Upload CV or Brochure Field (File Upload Field).
  3. Personal Quote/Motto: Enter a quote that will display on the public profile.
  4. Year Stablished: Add years of experience.
  5. Hours of Operation: Enter helpful information regarding working hours.
  6. Accepted Forms of Payment: Cash, bank wire, credit/debit card, etc.
  7. Credentials: Enter credentials.
  8. Honors & Awards: Add information regarding awards.

About Me Form:

This section is meant for members to enter a more detailed description about themselves and/or their company. They can include images and videos if desired.

The display order of the member's profile information can be set in Finance >> Profile Page tab >> Select What Displays in the "Overview" Tab:

This is an example of what a complete profile looks like:

When there is no additional data to display below "Company Details" for this section, the "Company Details" H2 title will be hidden.

Click HERE for a live example.

Additional Resources: