Understanding the Impact of Updating a Brilliant Directories Website Domain

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In this article we will explore the various implications that arise when updating the domain of an existing Brilliant Directories website. By making this transition, several components of your website's functionality require attention to ensure a smooth and uninterrupted user experience. We will explore the necessary adjustments for elements such as the Google Maps API, Google Recaptcha, and the handling of email addresses if your domain was previously configured through our name servers. 

  1. Adapting the Google Maps API: When updating your website's domain, one aspect that requires attention is the Google Maps API integration. Remember to revisit the Google Maps API settings and update the API key associated with the new domain. This ensures that the maps continue to load seamlessly and provide accurate location information to your members and website users.


  2. Refreshing Google Recaptcha: Google Recaptcha plays a crucial role in safeguarding the website from spam and malicious activities. After updating the domain, it's essential to refresh the Google Recaptcha settings to align with the new domain. This ensures that the security layer remains effective, preserving the integrity of user interactions on your website.

    Enable Form Security with Google reCaptch

  3. Managing Email Addresses: In case the domain was configured by pointing the name servers to us, it's important to be aware of the implications for email addresses. With the domain update, any email addresses associated with the previous domain will cease to function. To reinstate email communication, these email addresses need to be recreate under the new domain. This step guarantees that the communication channels remain operational, providing uninterrupted service.

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For further assistance or guidance during this process, our support team is here to help.