Here are a few of the top reasons why your members may not be appearing in the search you are trying to execute:

1.  The membership level may have the "be found in search results" set to "No".

2.  The category that you are searching for may not have any members that have selected it. You can confirm whether you have members that have chosen that category by going to your admin and viewing your categories:

3.  You have duplicate categories. If you have duplicate categories, the system will only be able to search for one category id, meaning that if you have members in one of the duplicate categories, and none in the other, the system may be returning results for the category that has no members in it. 

4.  You may be expecting a member to show on top of the results, but have not set the proper search result priority. Please remember that search results always filter by search result priority FIRST, followed by the distance. 

5.  Your members may not have a latitude and longitude associated to them. 

If these troubleshoot tips don't resolve your issue, please send over the search link and our team will be sure to look into this for you!