How To Connect A Domain

To publish a site on a live domain, follow this 2 step process: 

  1. Point the domain to Brilliant Directories through the domain registrar (Godaddy, NameCheap, etc) by using either the Nameserver Method or A Record Method
  2. Update the domain of the site in the Domain Manager (steps shown below)

IMPORTANT NOTE: Make sure to do both of the steps above to complete the process of publishing the website on a live domain.

Update The Domain Of The Site In The Domain Manager

This is the area of the admin where the domain of the website is added.   Once ready to publish the website on a live domain, first point the domain to Brilliant Directories, by following the steps here:

How To Connect A Domain To A Brilliant Directories Website

To connect a domain through the Domain Manager follow these instructions:

  1. Go to Settings - Domain Manager

  2. Add a domain in the "Set New Primary Domain" box. If adding a primary domain add "www." even if this is not going to be the final version of the domain. If using a subdomain do not add "www."

  3. The new domain with the proper format needs to be confirmed int the "Confirm Domain" box:


  4. Proceed to click on "Add Domain"

  5. Confirm to proceed:

  6. Click on "Yes, update domain".

  7. The website is now live. Use this tool to check the global status of the domain:

Click Yes, to finish installing the SSL certificate or No. (This will only show up if the website is part of the VIP addons or if the SSL has been purchased through Brilliant Directories). Once the domain has been updated the next step should be to update the Integrations tab in the General Settings, this message will show up once the SSL has been installed.