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Changelog - August 2016

New Features:

  • Breadcrumbs Function is now available to be edited as a widget.
  • New Member Review Module as Beta Testing. For more information click here. 

Enhancements / Fixes: 

  • Full Optimization to the code Infrastructure with enhancements in all modules of the system.
  • More than 25+ bugs fixed ranging from Backend, Admin Panel, Frontend and more.

The member review updates are good. How about the free trial and coupon code features?

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Would like to know an ETA for the free trial feature. Was the first thing my new client asked to get working.

Hi Hunter, 

You can see a detailed list of what is being worked on here:

There is no free trial update being worked on, however that is next on the list once this latet round of updates is completed. 

There is a workaround on promo codes here should you be interested:

Thank you.

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