One of the most frequented sections of the admin area is the Search Members tab in the Members area of the admin. 

From this section you will be able to view and edit the majority of your member's information. 

The following cover's the most relevant areas of the Search Members section. 

Member Search Module

The Upper left side of the page will display several options to filter searches for a more accurate return of results depending on your needs. 

The options include:

  • Member name or member ID number search.
  • A membership drop down filter.
  • A top level category filter.
  • A sign up date range selector.
  • An email address search 
  • Account status drop down filter.
  • A sub level category filter.
  • A last login date range selector.
  • A location search.
  • A sorting view drop down.
  • A transaction drop down filter.
  • Ability to search by IP the member used when last they signed in and also the IP they used when they joined as a member. 
  • Ability to filter members by their verification status. 

Adding New Member Options.

On the Upper right side section of the same page you will find four tools for adding and managing members.

Below are the links for an in depth look into each option. 

"Members Found" Section 

Immediately below you will see the list of all of the existing members on your site. 


Here you will find several important links which will help you manage existing members of your website. 

Actions Button

The quick edit link will display a direct link to some of the most important functions to manage the profiles. Below you will find links regarding each topic. 

To the right of the actions button you will find relevant information regarding the member's ID number, sign up date, last log in, membership level they are currently under and account status. 

This section will also show payment information as well as past due payments. 

Bulk Actions

An option is now available to make changes to your member's profiles in bulk.

The option to "Update Account Status" allows you to manage the account status of your members as seen below. 

The "Update Verified Status" will allow you to verify or un-verify a listing. 

"Update Listing Type" will allows you change the listing to either "Company" or "Individual" listing type. 

"Update Top Level Category" will provide the option to change the top level category of the listings in bulk. 

The "Membership Plan" will allow your to change the product your selected members will be under. 

"Delete Members" will allow you to delete the selected members. 

"Change Post Ownership" is a quick way to transfer all content posted to a secondary account. 

"Change Parent Member" applies to the Sub Account Add On. This will allow the main account to be changed to a secondary account.