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In our platform there are many Search Modules to choose from. This will depend on the business model and what items need to be searched for.

For extra details on how to align the module, titles and more please see the settings on: Homepage Search Settings

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Call to Actions

Display Button Links

For more information see: Display Button Links - Call To Action

Custom Content - Text Editor

For more information see: Custom Content Text Editor - Call To Action

Display Lead Capture Form

Global Website Keyword Search - Global Website Search add-on

Global Website Keyword Search + Location Search - Global Website Search add-on

Search For Members

Members Search uses a combination of Member Categories, Keywords and Location. 

The categories for members are created on Members >> Member Categories or these can also be imported using our Import Tool Members >> Member Categories >> Import Categories.

Additional Resources

How To Select Categories As A Member

Top + Sub + Location Search

Keyword + Location Search

Keyword Only Search

Location Only Search

Top + Sub + Sub-Sub Location Search

Top Category Search

Top + Sub Category Search

Top Category + Location Search

Top + Sub + Sub Sub Category Search

Sub + Sub-Sub Search

Sub Category + Location Search

Sub Category Search

Sub + Sub-Sub + Location Search

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Search A Post Type

These Search Modules are designed to find Post Types, the categories for Post types are not the same as the Member Categories, see how to assign the categories for each post type: Adding Or Editing Categories To Features (Events, Coupons, Properties, Etc)

If there is a cloned a Post type in the pop up message there is going to appear the option in the drop down to select which one to connect:

Blog Article Search

Classifieds Search

Coupons Search

Digital Products Search

Events Search

Jobs Search

Member Article Search

Photo Album Search

Products Search

Real Estate Search

Videos Search

Clickable Maps 

Homepage Clickable Maps Pack add-on