In this section of the platform you can control the Products (Membership Levels) of your website. 

At the top you will see the following Tabs: 

1. Actions: You can edit and clone memberships, move members from one membership to another and access the link that use that links that specific membership to the checkout page. 

NOTE: If you see a red button in this section, it means that members can not sign up on this membership level. You can control this setting in the "Pricing" section >> Disable Signups For This Product >> Yes.  Scroll down to the bottom to access the "Pricing" documentation. 

2. Product: Here you can see the name of the memberships, Product ID and if the account is Free or Paid. 

3. Members: See how many members you have in that specific membership. If you click on it, you will see the members information. 

4. Post Publishing: Here will appear all the features you activated for that specific membership.

5. Pricing: You can see the price of the leads, monthly, quarterly, semi-yearly and yearly subscriptions. If you don't see any of those is because the membership is free and the price to purchase leads is free as well. 

Search Visibility: Here you can see if the membership if searchable or not, the Search Results Priority, how many Categories can choose the members listed in that specific membership and the Max. Location Limit.

6. Search Rules: In this section you will find if the product is searchable or not in the website. Also the search priority, category limit and location limit selected on each membership. 


Editing Products / Membership Levels: 

In the "Actions" section you can edit the products.

This setting will be divided in 6 sections: 

Documentation for each tab:

Please click on the tabs below to learn how to use the settings inside each section: 

1. General

2. Pricing

3. Profile

4. Search Visibility

5. Post Publishing

6. Additional Settings