Moving an Existing Site to Brilliant Directories.


There are several things to take into account when bringing over an existing website to the Brilliant Directories platform. This is a list of the main areas that need to be addressed when completing this process. 

1st - Make sure to update the existing domain on the Brilliant Directories site. There are 2 ways to set up the domain, one will be pointing the Name Servers of the domain to the Brilliant Directories Name Servers. The other option will be to use an A-record to point to the IP address hosting the website. 

To learn more about setting up a domain, visit the following link: 

How to Connect a Domain to A Brilliant Directories Website

2nd- Setting up the Google Maps API is necessary in order for the website to work properly, this setup is personal and should be completed by the website admin. These are the steps to complete this setup:

How To Enable Maps With Google Maps API

3rd- If the existing website has many static pages or landing pages, these will need to be created on the Brilliant Directories platform. Creating a static or landing page is very easy, these are the steps to follow in order to accomplish this:

How to Create a New Static Page

4th- If the existing website has already been indexed by search engines and has well-ranked pages, make sure to create a 301 redirect from the old URL to the new one. Setting this up using the Brilliant Directories platform is very straight forward, these are the steps to follow:

How To Add 301 Redirects Through The Admin Area Of The Site

5th- Importing existing members can be accomplished by following these steps:

How To Import Members Via CSV File

6th- Billing subscriptions can also be created manually and these are the necessary steps to complete this process:

How To Manually Bill A Member / Create A Subscription For A Member

7th- Email accounts can be created using Brilliant Directories if the domain has been pointed to Brilliant Directories using the Name Server method (See step 1 for more information about this process) by following these steps:

Emails » Email Accounts

These are the basic steps needed in order to easily transition from an existing website to the Brilliant Directories platform. We currently do not have a way to bulk import content, such as articles, classifieds, coupons, etc, these need to be manually added to the site. For further assistance or questions please reach out to [email protected]  we are always happy to help.