Too Many Redirects - Unable to Log in to the Admin SSL Browser Setting


When a website is not using an active valid SSL, some browsers, due to local settings, may present issues when logging into the admin.

This is due to a browser setting that forces the browser to force load the HTTPS version of a page even though the site does not have an SSL installed.

To fix this, navigate to the browser settings by going to Settings -> Privacy and Security and scrolling down to uncheck the box that forces browsers to always navigate to HTTPS:

In Chrome it will look like this:

In Firefox it will look like this:

Once this browser setting has been disabled the admin will load properly. We strongly recommend using an SSL for a Brilliant Directories website, it can be a third party SSL, to learn how to add a third party SSL, please review the following documentation article:

Install 3rd Party SSL

If the website is using an SSL this issue will not happen. For more information on Brilliant Directories' SSL please review this article:

Managed SSL/HTTPS Security Certificate