How to Prevent and Minimize Unwanted Spam Emails


Unfortunately, websites that have Contact Us forms are susceptible to unwanted spam form submissions, this is quite common on the internet.

Here are a few recommendations to address this:

Block SPAM Keywords

Read moreSpam Form Protector Add-On

  • Go to Settings
  • Click on General Settings
  • Use the Integrations tab to access the SPAM Keyword Blocker

Use these fields to add keywords, characters and email addresses that will be blocked from being submitted in forms on the site.

Block Individual IPs

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  • Go to Emails
  • Click on Forms Inbox
  • The IP will be displayed in the Inquiry Details

Block the IP of individual spammers if there is an influx of spam submissions from one IP Address.

Block Traffic by Country

Read more: Block Traffic By Country

  • Go To Settings
  • Click on General Settings
  • Use the Localization tab to access the Block Traffic by Country setting

Easily prevent visitors from specific countries from accessing the front-end of the website, this add-on identifies a visitor's country based on their IP address.

This prevents the submission of the forms on the site from users in the blocked countries.

Members-Only Pages

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This add-on provides full control over who can access the website’s content by requiring designated “members” to log in before being able to view certain pages.

In this case the pages with the forms can be protected.