We recommend performing a few tests to make sure your payment gateway is properly setup prior to launching your website. Please note it will be possible to refund your test purchases. Below are instructions on how to test the various layers of the billing module:

Member Signup

  1. Temporarily edit the membership level monthly price to $1. This is not necessary, however is a good practice for test purchases using real credit cards. 

  2. Go to your pricing page and click on the "Sign Up" button that is associated to your $1 test.

  3. Complete the form while making sure you've selected the $1 option. Please note, if you do not see a place to enter the credit card information it will most likely be because you've set  that membership level type as "free" rather than "Paid".

    Important Update One: Should something go wrong, the new billing module now shows error messages if the purchase does not go through, reducing the number on customer support questions you will eventually need to answer. Here is an example of an error message:

    Important Update Two: The new billing module requires the fields to be filled out properly prior to allow your members to click on the "Create My Profile" button. 

  4. Once the card information is entered properly, your member will receive notification that the payment was successful:

  5. The transaction will appear in the "Transaction History" section in the Finance tab of your Admin area.

    Important Update: Until you have successfully processed a transaction using the new billing module, the "Transaction History" section will not appear in the admin under Finance:

    Once you successfully charge a credit card on file the "Transaction History" will appear:

  6. Confirm that the transaction appears in "Transaction History":