When you create a static page you might wonder what the options on the side do, we will revise each section in this article!

1) Page Content - This is where you select what type of page you are creating. To learn more about this please refer to this article:

What Page Types Can I Use?

2) Internal Nickname - This is for internal purposes and it will not show in the front-end for your users. This is to help you find the page easier:

This is how it will display in the Edit Web Pages admin section.

Display Settings

1) Show Sidebar - This is where you get to select what type of sidebar you wish to have on this page. 

2) Sidebar Position - This determines which side you prefer to show the sidebar on.

** If you wish to add your custom sidebar, please refer to this article:

How to Create a Sidebar

(Bootstrap) How to Add a Sidebar to a Static Page

3) Display Options - these are used mainly to what they describe, you can hide header, footer, header links, main menu. As well you can set this to a member's only page, have it full width or decide to no follow and no index the page.

SEO Meta Details - This is where you add the SEO of this page so Google or any other search engine will know what this page is about. 

To learn how to edit this please visit this link:

How To Edit The SEO Elements Of A Static Web Page On Your Site

Social Media Sharing Details - This works the same as the SEO Meta Details, except if you have content on the boxes it will share this information when instead of the SEO Meta Details when sharing on any social media site.

The only additional field that the Social Media Sharing Details has is the Social Media Image, in here you can provide a specific image to use when sharing on a social network. For more information please refer to this article:

How to Set a Default Social Media Image